Guest Teachers

200hr & +300hr Teacher Trainers

Guest Teachers

200hr & +300hr Teacher Trainees

Kara-Leah Grant

200hr & 300hr Yoga Teacher Trainer

Kara-Leah is a Non-Dual Teacher influenced primarily by Classical Tantra and committed to liberation in this lifetime. Her strength is in living and practicing the teachings and then being able to communicate them to people in an accessible way.

Kara-Leah is also an internationally-renowned author, with three books to her name (so far!). She is an award-winning writer, who has dabbled in short stories, and written two screenplays, with her third on the way.

She divides her time between teaching Tantra, writing the next Big Project, and supporting people in their journey of healing and awakening – which is often one and the same thing.

Vandana Sivaranjini

300hr Yoga Teacher Trainer

I’m Vandana, your guide, support and counsellor to help you regain your vitality and inner wellness.

I was born in India into a family that followed Yogic and Ayurvedic teachings in a way that it was a ‘usual way of life’.  I only understood the ‘why’ of this type of lifestyle when embarking on a five years of training with two foremost Guru’s in India. 

My former life was within the Financial and IT industry (Microsoft NZ), which gives me a full appreciation of life’s stress and responsibilities.   Using the Yogic and Ayurvedic wisdom and tools, I was able to manage life better than many others.   Despite that, I suffered a heart attack at the age of 42.  

I was on all sorts of medication and also had rheumatoid arthritis. My journey to health was applications of all that I knew from growing up and what I had learnt as part of my training.  I began to understand how the internal chemistry,  (Inner Pharmacy), of the body can be realigned without the reliance on medication or surgery.

My experiences have highlighted that knowing the tools and wisdom are not enough.  It is the application of these into daily life before the collapse takes place.  Each of us needs to know how to read the signs before the collapse, learn how to course correct to maintain high levels of integrity between body, mind and emotion.   

My dharma (life purpose) is to share and coach you in all that I know.  Teach you the wisdom and the tools on how to read your body and how to course-correct, so that you access and ignite your “Inner Pharmacy” where true healing takes place.

Whether you are on a journey to heal from an illness or want to uplevel your life, the programmes, workshops or classes I offer will certainly start you off on the right path.

Helen Williams

300hr Yoga Teacher Trainer

Helen has been a student of yogic philosophy, meditation and mindfulness since she first travelled to India at 13. While there she fell in love with the depth of knowledge she found within the wider practice of ‘yoga’ and therein began a lifelong journey.  

Helen holds an LLB/ BA and brings her love of questioning, learning, research, humour and heart to the trainings and classes she facilitates. 

Helen has taught and studied around the world and has received formal qualifications from Hot Yoga New Zealand, Gabor Mate, IMI Kulu and Alannah Kaivalya (NYC).

Miriama Smith

Voice Coach for the 200hr Training

Miriama is a Mother, Actor, Marriage Celebrant and Yoga Teacher, who is based in Waihi Beach. Through the practice of Yoga she is learning to live more presently, both on and off the mat and hopes to inspire others to do the same. In Miriama’s workshop, we will explore finding our authentic voice, stepping into our power with truth and vulnerability.