In this episode, I interviewed Sandey, a previous studio owner, who facilitates yoga 200hr and 300hr teacher trainings in New Zealand. 

Sandey shares her personal story of awakening through the practices of yoga, she continued to find her joy through teaching others how to remember their light, overcome stories of limitations, the belief of I am not good enough, is one Sandey helps her students navigate.  

Sandy truly embodies the traditional teachings that allow you to find your own worth, light, through studying and practising ancient teachings that can and will liberate us from our suffering. 

A Beautiful episode to remind us why we practice yoga, in the moments of darkness we can use our practice to connect back to the universal love, in which we are made from, it’s within you, me and everyone. 

Sometimes we just need to find the right teachers, practices, to guide us back on the right path when we have lost connection to it. 

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